American Performance Parts & Engines by GM/Chevrolet Performance Parts

At APP Racing Engines we can supply you all GM Performance Parts from crate engines, tranmissions, engine controller kits to complete GM powertrains.

By our experience from street and race cars we know the "Do's and Dont's". We are able to create your ultimate GM Performance Parts project car.

Besides supplying parts, APP is also able to assemble and to do custom work to your project car.

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Main part list:

19244450 350/290 HP Deluxe
12499529 350/290 HP—Economy Performance Engine
19210009 350 HO Turn-Key—with Iron Vortec Heads
19210008 350 HO Deluxe—with Iron Vortec Heads
19210007 350 HO Base— with Iron Vortec Heads
19201330 ZZ4 350 Turn-Key—with Aluminum Heads
24502609 ZZ4 350 Base—with Aluminum Heads
12561723 ZZ4 350 Partial Engine
12499120 Ram Jet 350—PFI with Iron Vortec Heads
19201294 Fast Burn 385 Turn-Key—with Aluminum Vortec Heads
12496769 Fast Burn 385 Base—with Aluminum Vortec Heads
12499101 HT383 Base—Performance Engine
12499106 383 Partial Engine
17800393 HT383E
19301295 ZZ383 deluxe
19258602 CT350
88958603 CT355
88958604 CT400
19171821 CT525
19165628 LS327/327—Base Assembly
19244096 LS327/327 Deluxe
17801267 LS1 5.7L—Without ECU and Wire Harness
17801268 LS6 5.7L—2004 Corvette Z06 Gen III V-8
12611022 L99 6.2L AFM
19301326 LS3 6.2L—2008 Corvette Gen IV V-8
19301358 LS376/480—EFI LS3 Gen IV V-8
19301359 LS376/515—Carbureted LS3 Gen IV V-8
19259233 LS376/525
19260164 LSA 6.2L SC
19260165 LS9 6.2L SC
192440980 LS7 7.0L—2006 Corvette Z06
19258004 LC9 5.3L
19260831 LSX376 (Base Assembly
19260833 LSX454 (Base Assembly
19260835 LSX454 R (Base Assembly

19166393 ZZ427/480
19166392 Anniversary Edition 427
12568774 454 HO—with Iron Heads and Roller Cam
12498778 454 Partial Engine
12498777 ZZ454/440—440 Horsepower with Aluminum Heads
88890534 HT502—Truck Replacement Engine
12568782 ZZ502/502 Partial Engine
12568778 502 HO—with Iron Heads and Roller Cam
19201332 ZZ502 Deluxe—(Deluxe/Assembled) with Aluminum Heads
12371171 ZZ502 Deluxe Kit, with Aluminum Heads
12496963 ZZ502 Base Engine, with Aluminum Heads
12371204 ZZ502 Base Kit, with Aluminum Heads
12499121 Ram Jet 502—PFI with Aluminum Heads
19201333 ZZ572/620 Deluxe
12498792 ZZ572/620 Base
19201334 ZZ572/720R Deluxe
12498826 ZZ572/720R Base
Engine Controller kits
19256514 5.3L Controller System
19166568 LS2 Controller System
19258270 LS3 Controller System
19258267 LS376/480 Controller System
19259261 LS376/525 Controller System
19258553 LS7 Controller System
19259293 LSA Controller System
19299462 LS9 Controller System

19260380 4L65E Automatic 4 Speed Transmission
19260961 4L70E 4WD 4 speed automatic transmission
19154550 4L85E 4 speed automatic transmission
19212657 Automatic Transmission Controller
19257634 Automatic Transmission Controller
1925766 Automatic Transmission Controller
19302405 Automatic Transmission Controller
19302410 Automatic Transmission Controller
19154766 Transmission Adapter Kit
92246731 TR6060 Camaro Six-Speed Manual Transmission
24264047 TR6060 CTS-V Six-Speed Manual Transmission
12581400 F23 Manual Transmission '05-'07 Cobalt/G5
19259270 Transmission Installation Tremec TR6060 (MG9)
19259271 Transmission Installation Tremec TR6060 (MG10)
24255748 LSX-LS7 Clutch kit
24260226 LS9 Clutch Kit
12570806 LS2 Clutch Kit
12581650 LS1 Clutch Kit
19210297 Realease bearing


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