About us


Found in 1993 and raised by experience, APP Racing Engines is now the European engine builder for your GM or Porsche application.

APP Racing Engines designs and builds engines proven by winning race after race. After years of corporations as supplier and as a racing team APP has done a lot of experience. This can been found by the earned championships with several teams and GT cars:



  • 2017 ADAC GT European Masters Champion
  • 2013 ADAC GT European Masters Champion
  • 2010 FIA GT3 European Masters Champion
  • 2009 ADAC GT3 European Masters Champion
  • 2008 FIA GT3 European Masters Champion
  • 2007 FIA GT3 European Masters Champion
  • Several international championships and 24H races

Racing Engines

Finding a competitive advantage and pushing technology is the key to design and build racing engines which are powerful, reliable and fuel efficient.

Every APP Racing Engines is carefully developed and engineered for the application before tested. It will be tested in different conditions on our own Superflow Dyno to ensure a winning performance.


APP Racing Engines specializes in design leading components and systems that drives performance. We utilize the knowledge and experience we’ve gained by our GT Racing history. Our engineers utilize the most current technology and systems available to turn visions of peak performance into racing reality.


Experience has taught us that manufacturing is the way to go when producing racing engines. The ability to prototype new products and quickly machine and test components, gives us the flexibility to respond immediately to racing related problems. And in the highly competitive world of GT racing, we know handling processes like this in-house protects potentially compromising information.


Assembly a competitive precision racing engine is not just about putting thing together. The whole setup which is chosen by tested components and experiences of years of racing is done by us. For every application is a solution, by using several parameters the setup can be made.

With reliable and worldwide used engine builder equipment we are able to produce the engine which is suited for your application.  We provide complete packages for your racing car which are efficient and cost effective.


By using our equipment in our shop like; 2 Superflow dynos and several measurents tools for the rotating assembly we are able to deliver an directly proven result.

By using mechanical and electrical engine analyze systems we can do quality tests and deliver an product which is correctly fitted to your application and can been seen as reliable and powerful.